Get Some! Karaoke Contest  

Qualifying Rounds

Sunday, February 21st – Wednesday, March 30th at participating Get Some Karaoke venues.


Monday, April 4th, 7p-10pm @ CANTINA (1140 S University Ave, Ann Arbor)


Grand Prize – Samsung 48” LED tv ($800 value) courtesy of Big George’s

2nd Place – $150 Visa Gift Card

3rd Place – Gift Certificates to participating Get Some Karaoke venues ($60-80 value)

*Prizes may be subject to change throughout contest


  1. Singers must be 21 & older
  2. Entries must be soloists. No duets or groups of singers.
  3. Employees of Get Some! Karaoke and any hosted venues may not enter in the contest.
  4. By participating, Get Some! Karaoke is allowed to use your name or photo for advertising of the contest via the web, Facebook, or Twitter.
  5. Qualifying rounds
    1. Only one entry per contestant during the qualifying period each participating venue night.
    2. Entries can be submitted up to one hour before the start of karaoke with limited space available. Karaoke songs are first come first served basis and host will NOT repeat any songs.
    3. Qualifications start at the beginning of each karaoke night. Duration of qualification is at the discretion of the karaoke host to ensure a sufficient amount of time for open karaoke (The Brown Jug, which normally runs karaoke from 11pm-2am, will begin at 10pm for qualifications).
    4. Staff of participating venues will vote for one contestant each night to advance to the finals. (Good Time Charley’s will not have karaoke 3/1 and will therefore vote for 2 contestants to advance the week prior – 2/23).
    5.  Participants cannot be voted into the finals more than once or at multiple qualifying venues. Once qualified, you advance directly to compete in the finals.
  6. Finals
    1. A panel of judges will score finalists based on one round of songs.
    2. The order of karaoke singers in the final round will be drawn randomly.
    3. Once voted into the finals, contestants may submit their final song request anytime before Sunday, April 3rd (in person or email to Absolutely no changes can be made the day of the finals.