A few years ago, we were approached by the management of a local bar/restaurant that was dissatisfied with their current trivia company. Complaints about hosts, as well as complaints about music choices in between questions were followed by a steady drop in weekly attendance, and more importantly, sales. We were asked to take over trivia, not just hosting, but putting together everything from the format, to writing the questions and crafting a set of rules. We did. Pretty soon it was hard to get a seat on trivia night.

What Can We Offer You?

A Completely Customizable Trivia Experience

We work with all of our clients to craft a style of team trivia game play that works for them. We offer a standard two hour game of six rounds of three questions each, one hour ten question games, one hour twenty question games and are happy to discuss trying out any other format you might like. We can offer theme rounds, audio rounds, picture rounds and include questions about the city, school or business where the game is being played. Don’t like any aspect of what we do? We’ll work with you to change it to better suit your needs.

Professional and Engaging Hosts

All of our hosts have a specific cross section of skills and experience. We hire people with experience in the service industry so they have an understanding of how to deal with customers and what our clients expect from them. We also make sure our hosts have experience or training in broadcasting and entertainment. We’ve seen trivia hosts that can’t work a microphone or relate to a crowd. it isn’t pretty.

Why You Should Choose Us Over Them

It’s true, there are other, much larger companies out there which offer trivia services in the area. They would tell you that their size is an invaluable promotional resource, and having a network of venues in an area accelerates the growth of trivia crowds as the different events sort of “cross-pollinate” and that things like league play and rotating bonus prizes really add to the draw. That is true…sort of.
Traveling leagues and bonus prizes will often bring in new teams of players to a venue for one night. The problem is, they don’t often bring in customers. Look around and you’ll find a single player sitting at a four top, drinking a water (or, if you’re lucky, a diet cola), hoping to score a big prize and not spending a dime.

Large companies can’t shape a game around you and your needs. Many companies have a single set of questions for a particular night and every venue that night uses those questions. The problem is, trivia is not one size fits all. We learned that in the first two weeks of adding a second venue. The shows were on consecutive nights, and the venues less than a block apart, but the differences between the two customer bases required a different approach when crafting sets of questions. Because we’re local, we can take the time to adjust our game to the knowledge base of your customers. Because we are a small company, we’re adaptable. We use dynamic feedback to tweak things, not only week to week, but if need be during a game. Questions too easy or too hard? We’ll adjust accordingly. Missing the mark on what your customers cares about? Whether your crowd is into sports or science, poli-sci or sci-fi, classic cinema or pop culture or anything in-between, we’ll adjust our focus to better reflect their areas of interest.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. But What Does it Cost?

We offer several options. Our most common plan is flat rate pricing, with a set rate per night, depending on the type/number of games played that night. We also offer a per-capita price option, where the fee is based on the number of people playing. Another option is the percentage of sales plan, which is usually based on sales from 15 minutes before a game starts until 15 minutes before it ends. (Both the per-capita and percentage plans involve a minimum and maximum per night rate, to be determined on a case by case basis in cooperation with management.)

Discounts? Discounts.

We offer a discounted introductory rate to lower the risk to you if you want to give us a try. Want multiple shows a night? How about multiple nights a week? No, wait! How about a night that starts with a couple hours of trivia, followed by a full length karaoke show? We can do all of that, and more and give you a price break at the same time! Are you trying to beef up your after work happy hour crowd, without discounting your business to death? Try an trivia game earlier in the day at a lower rate!

About Us

A couple of gentlemen from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti combined their experiences in the restaurant service industry and bar entertainment to create Get Some!, a subsidiary of RL Entertainment and premier service of karaoke, trivia, and wedding music entertainment.